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What is ComSkills Ukraine?

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Melinda Simmons, British Ambassador to Ukraine will explain.

ComSkills Ukraine is a video e-learning cloud service.

Video e-learning allows new skills to be quickly learned and immediately used.

Imagine the benefits to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs if it can quickly upskill all diplomats, policymakers and government communicators.

video e-learning strategic communication
Video e-learning allows new skills to be quickly applied for work

ComSkills Ukraine is free to use and is supported by the British Embassy in Kyiv and the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. The service gives access to:

ComSkills Ukraine has been created due to feedback from Ukrainian diplomats and has the following aims:

  • Increase skills – Rapidly upskill Ukrainian diplomats, policymakers & communications staff in strategic communication and digital diplomacy
  • Improve capabilities – Give participants the tools and skills they need to deliver proactive, high-quality strategic communication and digital diplomacy
  • Best practice – Base all training content on recognised best practice, as defined by the international Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), the UK’s Government Communication Service (GCS), the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC)
  • Investment in people – Video e-learning supports and aligns with the strategic aims of President Zelensky for increased investment in human talent
  • Delivery of cost-effective support – The Ukrainian government, incurs high costs and operational disruption through conventional learning methods. Video e-learning minimises these costs and disruptions

The first version of the service is in English. A Ukrainian version is in development.

Here is a short extract from one of the online training videos. Take a look.

The online training course is segmented into 7 Core Skills:

Core Skill 1 – Strategic Communication – An Overview 

Core Skill 2 – Strategic Communication Planning

Core Skill 3 – Using Digital Channels

Core Skill 4 – Working with Journalists

Core Skill 5 – Creating Compelling Content

Core Skill 6 – Public Diplomacy In Times Of War

Core Skill 7 – Crowd Psychology 

Each of the 7 Core Skills courses has multiple video e-learning lessons and also quizzes to reinforce learning. The training path is linear, you start with Core Skill 1 and then work your way through to Core Skill 7, once you have watched all the lessons in each course and your quiz results average 80%, you can take an online exam and achieve certification in strategic communication.

comskills certificate

Before registering for ComSkills Ukraine, please look through our User Guide and the suggested Pre-course Preparation. We recommend that during the registration process, you open the User Guide in another tab on your browser.

To register for ComSkills Ukraine, simply go to the registration button on the menu.

Comskills Ukraine is a strategic communication video e-learning cloud service

When you register, you will receive three emails from ComSkills Ukraine. The first email confirms your registration, the second sends you an account activation link, and the third confirms your username and password and has a login activation link. If you do not receive any of these emails, please check your SPAM filter.

User names, first names, surnames and email addresses are NOT displayed publicly; they are only available to the system administrator. Please read our Privacy Statement.

Mastering strategic communication and digital diplomacy is not something you complete in a few days or weeks. ComSkills Ukraine is designed as a resource and service you can refer to regularly throughout your career.

ComSkills Ukraine is not a website, it is a cloud service created by ComSkills.

We are here to help you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

ComSkills Ukraine